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"Tradegroup" Ltd. — is the basic distributor on realization the YSM reflective sheeting

YSM 1200 | YSM 3100 | YSM 3200

YSM - is reflective sheeting for road sign with 10years outdoor service life, it is a sort of encapsulated reflective material that seals by a resin coat the reflective layer resulted from the thin continuous layer of glass beads and the metal plating film. It strongly resists the deteriorating effect of weathering and also renders high reflectivity especially at night and bad weather.




1 - glass bead

2 - specularreflection

3 - polimericlayer

4 - fabric



Peel Adhesion: (20 min) 19.0 N/25 mm
Peel Adhesion (24 h) 28.0 N/25 mm
Quick Stick 17.0 N/25 mm
Shear (RT) >15h



  1. Outdoor Durability - For 3 years when properly processed and applied (series YSM 1200 - 10 years)

  2. Standard size - width: 48 inches(1.22m); length: 50yards(45.7m).

  3. Usage - Most suitable for construction work zone signs.temporary traffic signage applications, and caution tapes.

  4. Colors Availability-including but not limited - white, yellow, red, green, blue.

  5. Type of Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive.

YSM 1200 | YSM 3100 | YSM 3200