— The conclusion of the foreign trade contracts and agreements and their execution;

— Carrying out export/import operations on goods delivery;

— Fulfillment forwarding and insurance operations;

Passing customs procedures (drawing declarations, getting necessary certificates and allowing documents on import/export goods);

— By order of russian and foreign manufacturers or consumers of goods, carries out marketing researches on promotion goods in the russian market and in the Western Europe, the Near and Arabian East, Asia and Africa and on search new partners worldwide and opens business relations;

— For concrete consumers carries out the search of production for import, and for manufacturers - the search of production outlets for export.


The company "Tradegroup" Ltd. exports the following kinds of the goods from Russia to the foreign countries: technological equipment, engineering tools, fertilizers, saw-timber, oil products, metals, scrap metal, etc.

"Tradegroup" Ltd. carries out import deliveries from the Western Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria), the Middle East (Israel, Syria), Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand), Asia (China, South Korea) the following kinds of the goods: Red Palm Oil, Tea Tree Oil, engineering tools, technological and fire-fighting equipment, thermoplastic automat, ceramic tile, fertilizers, a polyester fibre, plastic, no woven fabric, reflective film, chemicals, preparations for plants protection, cleaning and hygienic agent, products from polythene, shrinkable material, etc.

The main advantages of "Tradegroup" Ltd., as the foreign trade operator, are, that all complex of the foreign trade activity is in the one operative management: from contract preparation of deliveries of goods till the full fulfillment of all liability on delivery and loading goods on a warehouse of the customer.



Carry out obligations fast, in workmanlike manner and in coordination on each step of the foreign trade activities;

Carry out delivery of goods in proper time and in given period from a warehouse of the supplier up to a warehouse of the customer;

Minimize charges at purchase, realization and delivery of goods, using the experience in the field of foreign trade activities;

Optimize transport streams and customs formalities, using the skill and opportunities in the organization of logistical schemes and a choice of an optimum route of goods' delivery;

— Give in proper time a full package of documents on the goods:

  • — Bill of lading on shipped goods irrespective of the size;
  • — Certificates on delivery or contract;
  • — Allowing documents on import of the goods;
  • — Transport and other accompanying documents;
  • — Warehouse bill, invoice, contract of delivery.


The company "Tradegroup" Ltd. looks ahead with confidence and is ready to consider any offers on cooperation in the field of the foreign trade activities.