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TEA TREE OIL (Меlаlеucа аlternifolia)

Tea tree oil is 100% pharmacologically cleaned

Tea tree oil (Меlаlеucа аlternifolia) like the low bush grows in some regions of Australia and New Zealand.

The tea tree has been named so by James Cook observed during the well-known expedition in 1770 as natives prepare tea from its leaves. Health-giving properties of the tea tree were known to natives of Australia many hundreds years. They not only used tea, but also put squash from pounded leaves on traumatic surface. From time immemorial, they bathed in lakes, where water contained the enzymes, which got there from dead foliage. Thus natives cured from many illnesses. Europeans did not take seriously stories of eyewitnesses very long, considering their as fiction.

Scientific proofs of bactericidal properties of oil of the Australian tea tree for the first time has been mentioned by A.Pentfold. In 1925 he has published a work from which follows, that antiseptic effect of oil is: in 8 times stronger, than in carbolic acid, and almost in 5 times stronger, than in spirit. After that, this oil of the tea tree began to use widely in the Europe and America at bacterial and fungus diseases of skin and mucous membranes. During the Second World War, oil of the tea tree has been placed in the individual first-aid outfit of the soldier of the Australian army and also widely used at the British mechanical factories. It has been mixed with working oils to reduce number of infections from burns and scratches.

With the beginning of the era of antibiotics and occurrence synthetic antimicrobical agent, oil of the tea tree has been forgotten. However, presently in connection with impressing achievements of phototherapy, interest to this antibacterial agent is increasing. There are 48 ingredients in the oil of the tea tree, in particular, such unique, as viridofloren. It does not contain in other plants, possessing bactericidal properties (rozmarin, and eucalyptus).


In obedience to the standards, accepted in Australia, high-quality oil must contain not less than 30% natural spirit of 4-terpinenol and no more than 15% inferior of sineol component. The tea tree oil is used as emulsions, gel, ointment, sprey, and also solutions for throat rinsing and irrigation. The oil effectively protect from the growth of such bacterias, as stafilococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, gonococcus, colon bacillus and others, and also fungous flora. The main beauty during using of this oil is absence of such by-effects, as xerodermia, flake and skin itch, which are intrinsic to synthetic preparations. This oil is not toxic and has a pleasant smell.

Main factors to oil using are infectious diseases of skin: furunkulosis, carbunculosis, eel eruption, infections, which are connected with nails, small wounds, scratches, cuts, burns, and stings. Oil clears taumatic surfaces and does not damage on skin. It is widely used at mycotic diseases of skin, at feet intertrigo for sportsmen. Oil of tea tree helps at a "fever" on lips. It is rubbed in a skin after sun burns. Parodontoz is even treated by this oil, rubbing a few drops in gums before going to bed. As a preventive maintenance, it is recommended to add two drops to tooth paste. In the way of life, the tea tree oil is used as the strongest and safest antiseptic, which can be used even for the care of little children - for disinfection of air in a nursery, at diapers washing etc. Tea tree oil is a wonderful feature to make bath and massage more beneficial. Besides, oil of tea tree helps in treatment of bedsores. With its help you can deliver your home animals from fleas, ticks, allergy and inflammations. At a cold, it is recommend adding 10 drops of oil of tea tree to a hot bath or in an inhaler, to breathe fallow before sleep. Solutions made of tea tree oil are widely used at the inflammatory diseases of phatynx and oral cavity, gingivitis, aftous stomatits. At an angina, rinse throat warm water two-three times in a day, adding only 5 drops of this oil. It is recommended to grind a breast and back by mixture of warm tea and olive oil. Tea tree oil with success is used at trichomonas colpits, vagina candidosis(in particular, caused of antibiotics' getting).There is a positive experience of protracted reception(to 6 months) inward at chronic cystitises. It is an effective antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, wth healing effect agent and is successfully used also for the personal hygiene: vagina cleaning, at treatment of yeast infection, shaving in area of bikini (with deceleration of hair growth), deep clearing of skin. It seems perspective to research the effectiveness of oil of tea tree at seborrheic and other dermatosises, psoriasis and zoster, and also at some other diseases.

Tea tree oil - is a natural, relatively inexpensive and effective agent, which can be an acceptable alternative to other preparations, used for treatment above-mentioned diseases. Another beauty of this oil is safety, lightness of application and good bearableness.Tea tree oil is 100% pharmacologically cleaned!

Tea tree oil, is made on plantation of middle sizes and is one of the first plantations of tea tree. Oil is made in the strictly controlled terms with absence of the use of pesticides - there is no pesticidal sediment in oil. Usually level of terpinenanol-4 is - 40 % and sineol -less than 3,5 %. The smell of oil is sweetish, transparent and it is made by technology in accordance with international standards of ISO9002 and ISO4730. The standard of ISO on oil of tea tree of pharmaceutical standard (РG TTO) implies a minimum concentration for ingredients:

  • terpinenol 4 - 35%

  • sineol - 5%

Oil is refined only in the stainless steel equipment with use of our unique technology of distillation "ATR", which allows to receive transparent, crystal oil with soft natural aroma .


Range of application:

  • disease of skin - furuncles, eel eruption, pyoderma, impertigo, dermatomicosis, dermatophytosis, herpes, zoster, psoriasis, perleche;

  • in stomatology - gingivitis, stomatorrhagia, stomatitis, oral moniliasis, poradantoz, caries, toothache (add 3-5 drops of oilin a small glass of water, rinse a mouth two times a day, rub oil of tea tree in gums);

  • ear, nose, throat diseases, diseases of breath organs' - rhinitis, pharyngitis, ache in a throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, emphysema, cough, ache in an ear, cold, nasal (rinsing and inhalation);

  • surgical disease of panaritium, paronychia, trophic ulcer, decubitus ulcers, burns, hemorrhoid; 

  • ginaecological and veneral diseases ovarian cysts, vaginitis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, candidiasis, micoplasmois, genetal herpes;

  • care of head skin - clarification of hair and hair follicle, dandruff, dry or fat hair, pediculosis, an scabies on a head skin (add 5-10 drops of oil in shampoo, rub a few drops of oil in a head skin to clear hair follicles);

  • face care - eels, cracks on lips, a solar burn, after shaving ( put 3 drops of oil on the infected area twice a day, add in a humidifying cream);

  • body care - burns, cuts and scratches, bruises, decubitus ulcers, bronchitis, emphysema, protection against insects, burn of a poisonous plant, wheels, warts, care of nails and many other things;

  • sporting accident and stretchings, pains in muscles, rheumatism, calluses;

  • dry or fat hair - put 5 or 10 drops of oil on locks or on a scalp and rub  

  • hordeolum - drip some drops of oil in a cup with hot water, take a face 5 minutes above the fallow.

  • Cold. Add 10 drops of oil in an inhaler, make inhalation before go to sleep, rub a few drops in a nose and a forehead.

  • Acne (eels). Put three drops of oil on the infected area twice a day. Add oil in cleaners for the face and use humidifying cream. Buy soap in a drugstore, containing oil of a tea tree.

  • Muscular overloads and pains in joints. In a warm bath add 20-25 drops of oil of a tea tree. Such bath will relieve from pains and rid fatigue.

  • Problem skin. In the morning and in the evening put ointment on the cleared face, containing oil tea tree, or wet skin with a tampon with the diluted oil (2-3 drops on the table spoon of water).

  • Stings of insects. Put on a place of a sting a little, not diluted oil (first of all - softens an itch).

  • Abscesses. Several times in day drip a few drops of not diluted oil on the infected place. Gets into skin,has antiseptic an antiseptic effect.

  • Neurodermatitis. Wet the affected places with water with several drops of oil. The neurodermatitis does not treat it, however softens its symptoms, especially strong itch, protects from combing.

  • Psoriasis. On several times in a day put the oil, diluted by water or a five-percentage mix from oil of a tea tree and a mix of any other easy oil (for example, oil jojoba, almond, from wheaten sprouts). Reduces an itch, constrains an inflammation, calms the irritated skin.

  • Cuts and scratches. Process little wounds with the help of tampon pure oil of a tea tree, at larger wounds dilute oil with water. Has antiseptic an antiseptic effect, alleviates pain.

  • Solar burn. The mix from oil of a tea tree with almond or with oil from wheaten sprouts (in the ratio 1:9) has a beneficial effect, accelerates regeneration of skin.

  • Warts and callouses. Put several times in a day with not diluted oil. Softens the horny skin, reduces pain.

  • Vaginal fungus (oral moniliasis). At candidiasis in a vaginal area, is recommended bath in sitting. Add several drops of oil in a bath, length of procedure is 10-15 minutes. Antiseptic action, reduction of an itch. For the first time be more cautiously with a dosage!

  • Inflammation of throat. Rinse throat by water with some drops of oil of a tea tree. It helps also at a smell from a mouth. Do not use such kind of treatment for children, because they can casually swallow water.



  • avoid contacts to eyes;

  • do not store oil in plastic utensils, because it can dissolve it;

  • store in a cold place;

  • hold in a inaccessible place from children;

  • do not drink tea tree oil.

At occurrence of by-effects - consult with the doctor.